Trainline form

Trainline form

Highlighted Changes

Trainline ran this a/b test where they showed a new form with better contrast and more fields on the home page.

With forms being a key component of online train booking, Trainline wanted to better understand the impact of their form’s visual presentation on conversions. Trainline wondered if a form with more visible fields would look more streamlined and modern, and therefore convert better than a “typical” form with less visible fields.

On this test by Trainline, we can see in Variation A, the form is on a gray background, and the fields are difficult to read and understand which one we need to fill. On Variation B, the form is on a dark background with fields we need to fill highlighted with a white background.

This test is an excellent way to see which elements are prioritized on the page.


On this form with a gray background and fields all of the same colors, we can’t know which field to fill.

Trailine homepage form

With a dark background, the user is drawn to the form. The white fields show clearly which fields we have to fill in. Outbound and return on the same line are easier to use.

Trailine homepage form

Form optimization doesn’t have to be complex.

What are your thoughts?

Which version is a winner?

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