Experimentation, cross-functional alignment.

Experimentation, cross-functional alignment.

Experimentation, cross-functional alignment

You have involved your stakeholders in the idea generation and prioritization stages. ✌️

Now you need to keep:

  • Them informed about the progress of the experiments and the next steps.
  • Holding presentations and sending regular updates helped create alignment and enthusiasm among the other teams.
  • Having a strong executive sponsor who can represent the experimentation program at executive meetings and communicate the process and results throughout the organization can also be extremely effective in creating a culture of experimentation.

If you want to increase trust and transparency, try to explain to the rest of the company why we are conducting certain experiments.

It’s normal if the reason you are doing a certain experiment is simply to learn more about a segment or behavior. You need to use consistent metrics and methodologies to analyze and communicate the results of experiments.

So that everyone can easily track and compare the results.


The right data and tools for experimentation.
This is where things get a little complicated because the type of data you collect and how you organize it is entirely up to your organization. As for the experimentation tool, what you use will depend on your resources and priorities.

Many large companies create custom experimentation platforms for their own use, but tools like Optimizely, Google Optimize et Adobe Target are often all you need to set up a simple experimentation program.

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